Young fashion designer

Your objectives

Expand your distribution network

Spread out internationally

Affirm yourself as a key player in the industry

Enter new markets

Win market shares

Increase your sell-through

Reinforce your image

Our support

  • Defining or adapting your strategy
  • Defining or adjusting your positioning
  • Assessment of potential
  • Looking for opportunities
  • Implementing tools: action plans, reverse scheduling, brand book
  • Building / structuring
  • Merchandising
  • Pricing
  • Showroom organisation
  • Management of business service outsourcing
  • Team training: sales marketing, methods and tools
  • Network facilitation
  • International expansion
  • Align infrastructure with business priorities
  • Defining and implementing tools
  • Ambassador

Added value : you benefit from our expertise to achieve your objectives without increasing your overheads.

Established brand

Your objectives

Increase your turnover

Gain/regain market shares

Reposition your brand

Increase your sell-through

Increase your cost-effectiveness

Improve your image

Maintain your brand identity

Diversify your offer

Our support

  • Adapting your strategy
  • Adjusting your positioning
  • Maximising your brand’s lines
  • Initiating collaborations
  • Moving up-market
  • Extending your offer
  • Optimize your business performance
  • Capitalising on expertise
  • Launching new lines
  • Expanding segments
  • Assessing potential
  • Entering new frontiers
  • Team training
  • Implementing continuous improvement practices
  • Branch outsourcing
  • Link between the studio/design and management

Added value : You benefit from our expertise to generate profitable growth. You gain objectivity. Our critical eye on the company makes taking your decision easier, either by providing solutions, or by confirming your ideas.


Your objectives

Audit a project

Check a project

Take a business to next level

Compare projects

Challenge ideas

Finalise an acquisition

Our support

  • Business audit
  • Evaluating growth potential
  • Specific studies
  • Consulting and simulating options
  • Defining strategy
  • Implementing strategy
  • See “Young Fashion Designer” page
  • Diagnostics
  • Looking for drivers of growth
  • Managing performance
  • See “Established Brand” page

Added value : you benefit from specialist expertise in fashion and luxury from a strategic, commercial and marketing point of view.


Your objectives

Check up on developments

Bring an issue up to date

Challenge a practice

Study a market

Anticipate an evolution

Compare the different players

Our support

  • In-field feedback
  • Observation
  • Head-hunting emerging talent
  • Monitoring and coaching
  • Event planning
  • Operational outsourcing
  • Training

Added value : you benefit from varied, complete and up-to-date expertise.