VR Fashion Luxury Expertise puts its customers at the centre of its actions to enable them to achieve their objectives in terms of growth and to meet their challenges in terms of sustainability, image and provides them with tailor-made services.

VR Fashion Luxury Expertise has a rigorous ethical charter to ensure the respect and design, the knowledge and brand values of the businesses and institutions with which it works. Very competitive and extremely sensitive to change, the fashion and luxury industry requires reactivity and adaptability, perspective and objectivity like no other sector. Creativity and permanent re-evaluation are our trademark. Our working approach is modelled on your sensitivity and respect as closely as possible to your brand’s lines.

High standards and rigour characterise the working relations that we foster with our clients. Whether you are a young fashion designer, established brand, institution or investor, every one of our projects is defined specially for you. Our driving force is our passion for exceptional know-how, arts and crafts, unique skills, out of the ordinary talents, which is what distinguishes a product, brand or designer. The taste for the exclusive, the very beautiful, the unique and performance: luxury, fashion and business are an integral part of VR Fashion Luxury Expertise’s DNA.